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Discover tailored logistics solutions at RMY. From air and ocean freight to customs and warehousing, we're your one-stop partner for excellence and efficiency.

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Air freight

Swift, reliable, and flexible global goods transportation. Our commitment to air freight excellence ensures efficiency, care, and punctuality.
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Ocean Freight

Explore ocean freight with RMY Logistics - cost-effective, eco-conscious global shipping experts. Redefining cargo transport across seas.
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Enhance logistics strategies with RMY Logistics' tailored Consultation Service for optimized supply chains and compliance.
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Custom Brokerage

Elevate your customs experience with RMY Logistics. Our Custom Brokerage Services streamline clearance processes, ensuring smooth imports and exports. Simplify complexities, enhance efficiency, and maximize cost-effectiveness with our expert team by your side.
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Industry Verticals

Experience excellence in tailored industry solutions with RMY Logistics. Our specialized offerings are designed to meet the unique challenges and requirements of various sectors, ensuring streamlined operations and superior logistics support.
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We understand the inherent risks in transportation. Our comprehensive insurance services provide peace of mind, offering coverage against loss or damage to your cargo during its journey. Protect your investments with our tailored insurance solutions.
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Land Transport

RMY Logistics excels in land transportation, offering efficient, secure, and tailored solutions. With an extensive network, cross-border expertise, real-time tracking, safety measures, and cost-effective rates, we ensure your cargo's success on the road.
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Discover seamless warehousing solutions at RMY Logistics. Our personalized approach meets your specific needs, whether it's short or long-term storage, or efficient distribution. We offer value-added services, advanced technology, security, and dependable distribution for your peace of mind.
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Multimodal Transport

RMY Logistics is your gateway to efficient Multimodal Transport. We seamlessly combine various transportation modes to deliver your cargo efficiently, simplifying logistics, enhancing security, and ensuring timely deliveries for your business success.
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Value-Added Services

Unlock enhanced logistics capabilities with our Value-Added Services (VAS) at RMY Logistics. Go beyond transportation and elevate your supply chain. Discover tailored solutions designed to boost efficiency and add value to your products.